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I found it!! ….This is the inspiration shot that is helping me get my head around the upgrades we plan to make to our tree house this year.   Until I saw this, I didn’t realize how much ‘foundation’ plantings could add to a tree house — a place with no true foundation.  Also, in the spirit of cost effective and simple solutions, I love that this house really doesn’t have walls — just bamboo shades and breezy curtains that can be brought in for the winter.   We are discussing our roof architecture but I am so excited that we all agree that this is just what we want and that is a huge achievement for this family of four with widely differing opinions.

12 Responses to My Treehouse Inspiration

  1. I love this treehouse! Do you have the original source?
    Thanks for this and all your other wonderful pictures and inspirations!

  2. Rochelle, where on the internet have you seen this? I have searched and have not come across it anywhere?

    • Judy — I wish I knew where it came from (so odd that I didn’t credit the source, I don’t usually do that) but I have seen it all over the blogs. If I can come up with the source, I will share though.

  3. I know this is quite an old post now, but the original source was so easy to find, that I felt obliged to post it here. Here’s the link: Here’s the ‘secret’ to finding an original source (it works almost all the time). Right-click the photo and click on “Save As”. It will try to save the photo with it’s original name. In this case, the original name is “outdoor-structure-1009.jpg”. Then, just Google that name. Oila! It came up in the Google search. On this particular photo, I didn’t even have to right-click on it…I just hovered over it and the original photo name showed up on my screen. You’re welcome! 🙂

    • Hi CottonCandi –

      I really appreciate your note and tips….but the source you list is not correct – while this picture is posted at the link you mention, it is not Joseph’s image or project – this image is posted in many many places online. You are right, there are ways to find the original of this – and I’ve tried them all – so far to no avail – but if I turn it up successfully I will certianly post it here. Best – Rochelle

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