Gardening is in Fashion

Gardening is about to become really fashionable. With our growing earthy, green, return to our roots (all puns intended) mentality continuing to swell, garden inspiration is starting to turn up everywhere. I have always taken garden design inspirations from fashion so I am happy to see fashion taking inspiration from gardens.

Burberry’s Spring 2009 line titled ‘Garden Girls’ is photographed in a greenhouse and designer Christoper Bailey says that the collection was inspired by his own Yorkshire garden and a great book called Garden People: The Photographs of Valerie Finnis, published by Thames & Hudson (you can click to buy it at amazon and see what it inspires from you).

Garden People Book

I love the look of the shoot.
Garden and Fashion

I can see myself wearing every bit of this outfit (jacket, dress, socks shoes and especially necklace)…though I would not do the hat with the dress…maybe with something a bit more casual.

Burberry runway outfit.

I posted today about gardens and fashion over at ofifteen as part of my week of guest blogging there.  I promised some more garden inspired fashion and here it is.  From the minds of  Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe and found via Dana- Garden Design my new favorite Italian garden blog.

Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe - Flower Dresses

Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe - Flower Dresses

Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe - Flower Dresses

Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe - Flower Dresses

It like fashion nirvana to me…my favorite things coming together…Project Runway meets Florist…In fact, I think those project runways producers should make this one of the challenges…like the grocery store challenge…the floral challenge…. I wouldn’t be surprised to turn a corner at the Chelsea flower show and see someone dressed like this….

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  1. Anna/Flowergardengirl on February 5, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    Wow–I love the clothes in the first few frames. Those green grey browns are my colors. Now for the flower dresses..they are sure pretty but would not fit through my front door. Very interesting though.

  2. Hazel S on February 10, 2009 at 10:45 am

    Marriage is an institution and I don’t belong in an institution. Har Har, but can you imagine having a floral wedding dress.. These are lovely.

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