I live just outside one of the biggest college towns ever (boston) so I would expect more action – so to speak – from all these inspired young activists…and I just found some. Have you heard of Guerrilla Gardening? I have heard of it before in concept…but hadn’t visited the website or fully realized the extent of the movement. I am so excited about becoming involved in by-night planting adventures to beautify little pieces of the world around me. Even the thought of it all makes me feel much younger.
I am officially on the lookout for targets…if you care to join me…please email or get in touch via the Guerrilla Gardening Website.
guerrilla gardening logo
I can’t wait to meet kindred souls…maybe they won’t all be younger…jut just the type of gardeners who are willing to steal away in the night to plant something…I think I am going to bring my kids…

One Response to Just found Some Kindred Souls..

  1. This reminds me of my younger days. A bunch of us decided to do a few good deeds during the night and called ourselves the Night Marauders! Great stuff!

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