Trend # 5 – Green in all variations

Green, of course green, it is the word of the moment; it exudes an air of health, beauty and serenity.
I love this picture of a green garden posted by Rudy Garon at his website Antigua daily photo
Green Garden - Rudy Giron Antigua Daily Photo
I grew up in Colorado, but spent summers at my grandparents ranch in central Montana. In my eyes, my grandmother was the last of a kind; a real life frontier woman. She also was a tremendous gardener and when I would get bored during visits she would say things like “do me a favor, go down to the creek”(we pronounce it crick) “and figure out how many different shades of green are there” –a very serious task. This picture taken in Wales by photographer Adrian Reilly makes me think of those days. I hope you find it inspiring too.
Wales - Adrian Reilly Photography

3 Responses to Landscape Design Ideas & Plants for Color Trends 2008 – Green in all Variations

  1. My last name is spelled GIRON and the web site is La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. There are more photos of this garden that you make a referenced to… just check the photos for previous and next dates to see the whole place. Thanks.

  2. Hi Rudy-

    Sorry about the missspelling. Thanks for being my first comment on this blog!.

  3. The photo from Wales is stunning.

    In wet, midwestern areas where ponds are easy this would be an amazing oasis from summer heat…. and not really terribly difficult once you wean yourself from the “round pond” idea.

    You’ve set me thinking…. thanks for posting it.

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