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This is a post for anyone who is drowning in red berry abundance.

I’m going to throw you a life vest. It is white and spongy and it looks like this:

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Don’t be tempted to put it around your neck and start flapping your arms – that is not what this is for.

You can buy these at your local grocer, but if you really want to make one, I suggest rewarding your needless effort with an added flavoring like almond, or lemon, or get crazy with cloves – this way people will know it is homemade and you might get some extra credit (this largely depends on the crowd – abort this effort immediately if this is primarily to be served to anyone under the age of 12).

Honestly though, store-bought angel food cake is good so it isn’t worth the effort (this is a rare baking exception).

Cut strawberries to remove tops and make bite sized (in half is generally fine).  Sprinkle with a few tablespoons of sugar (this is enough for a large bowl). Let that sit for a bit so the sugar can make the juice come out of the berries.

While you are at the market buy one of those shake and spray cans of whipping cream.  Go organic and local if you can (I am blessed with this option in my local fancy market) – it is worth it.

This is the hardest part.  Split the cake evenly amongst everyone you are serving.  (If this means you each get half a cake, so be it – it’s your little secret). But do not be tempted to make your piece bigger than the others. You will just come off as a bit childish, maybe even a little rude, and honestly, why not let someone else have those damned extra calories?

Next, spoon juicy strawberries over cake and then bury it all with a squirt of whipping cream.

Repeat everyday until the season passes.


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