Spending a big chunk of my youth in the West and desert southwest, the Yucca brings back memories of riding my banana seat bike, warm humidity free evenings, and arid gardens.  So I was quite surprised to find it recently here in New England.  I have taken on a new project that I am super excited about (details soon) to revive a historic landscape….and surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly (as I learn more about the amazing woman who originally created the garden) she had Yucca baccata planted in her New England garden. You don’t see that too often around here.

yucca baccata

1. Western Scene, 2. Yucca baccata, 3. Untitled, 4. Yucca Arizonica, 5. Yucca arizonica, 6. Yucca baccata

This native plant was prized as a highly useful plant to the native americans.  The fibers of the leaves were used to make rope, sandals, and cloth. The flowers and fruit could be eaten, the black seeds were ground into a flour and the roots were used to make soap.

Hardy into zone 4, this plant is can be an interesting and exciting accent or focal point in any garden across the US.  Just don’t over water it in the summer months.

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