Daily Garden: James Doyle’s Harmony Farm, Greenwich, CT

harmony farm Garden james Doyle

Surely you have seen the beautiful Harmony Farm by James Doyle, the APLD Landscape Designer of the year?  It is a beautiful place and I have meant to feature it as the Daily garden for some time now — however in the chaos of the planting season, it simply got lost in my inbox.  It feels so good to be clearing things out a bit and catching up.  So just in case you haven’t already enjoyed the beautiful garden at Harmony Farm and all its clipped boxwood niceness…here it is. Again.

Harmony Farm Garden James Doyle

harony farm garden james doyle

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2 Responses to Daily Garden: James Doyle’s Harmony Farm, Greenwich, CT

  1. I find Doyles green garden so restful, really feels like a backyard retreat, not alot of effusive jumble in the beds. rose and Hedge clipping a couple times a season…perfection!

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