walkable roller coaster

Isn’t this a fun thing?  Heike Mutter and Urlich Genthe‘s walkable roller coaster is nothing more than perfection in a modern landscape folly and  a a leisurely walkable delight.

I have been studying this thing for at least 20 minutes now…I am trying to understand that loop-do-loop  — what do you think?  Can you walk it?  Is it an Escher-esque mind-messer?  Or is it simply the point where you must turn around and go the other way?  (More images here — study for yourself and let me know what you think — or maybe you have walked it….was it as cool as it looks?)

I’m also enjoying the swirling sparkler-like qualities that they LED lights lend once the sun has gone down.  Between this (in Dalsburg, Germany) and the other industrial park we chatted about a couple weeks ago I’m thinking that a landscape themed trip down the Rhine would have some fantastic stops along the way.

images by Thomas Mayer

2 Responses to A Walkable Roller Coaster – Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain

  1. If you look closely, there seem to be barriers as either end of the loop to stop you walking round it.

    Sorry for being a killjoy.

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