If I were without a job, a bit younger, not married with a house and two kids, a cat and a soon to be puppy, I would be all over this…..

International Sabbatical at Kings Nursery in New Zealand – ‘Summer’ (as defined in NZ as Sept – March) garden center jobs for the horticulturally minded….More Details.  Allows for work permit and time to travel the country at the end of the visa. 

The native Pohutakawa, known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree

But since that is not where I am, I am hoping that some of you might find it interesting….and if you do apply and you do enjoy the opportunity, let me know, I would love for you to share your stories here. -R

Image – The native Pohutakawa, known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree. (which BTW has a King Shag hiding in the branches)

image by  Sids1 by creative commons. 



One Response to A New Zealand Summer

  1. Oh how wonderful! New Zealand is by far my favorite country to visit and dream about moving to.

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