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I am pleased to see the that the ‘pop-up store’ trend has trickled down the the garden community.  It makes sense in much the same way that ‘pop-up’ makes sense for Halloween stores and Holiday shops….but we don’t see it that often (at least I haven’t up here in New England).   Yes, seasonal is often the way of the local garden center, but truly ‘pop up’ in the cool way that I find appealing, brings to market something a little bit different in an unexpected and new way.  Hayseeds looks to be just the kind of funky garden store that captures the pop up vibe with products that uniquely serve their urban farmer clientele with fresh ideas and fun classes. Check it it….and I am curious….

Has a garden ‘pop-up’ store emerged this spring near you?   What are they selling that makes them interesting?

Image from hayseeds.


One Response to Pop-Up Hayseed

  1. In Ontario, Canada (where I’m from) there are way too many pop-up garden centers. it seems every grocery store and big box store wants to “cash in” on gardening and the trend of growing plants. The grocery stores set-up shop in a portion of their parking lot. I find this very disdainful. There is no qualified and knowledgeable help and if you have problems with your purchase the “pop-up” store is usually gone by July or August (especially at grocery stores). They should concentrate on what they know best: eggs, butter and milk or hammer and nails. An independent garden center can provide all of the funky vibe, fresh ideas, fun workshops and special events . I know, because that is exactly what we do at our destination garden center and organic perennial nursery, Plant Paradise Country Gardens.

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