Cultivating Garden Style

Some days I still can't believe that I wrote a book. A book! And it wasn't just a flimsy little garden book, it's a heavy duty resource sort of book that I hope will inspire gardeners for years. And I wrote it!

It is the summation of years of working as a garden designer and wishing something of the sort existed. I wanted something to help my clients open up their imaginations. I wanted something to help advance the style part of garden design. I wanted to share knowledge about a million little things in a way that made sense to anyone trying to put their own stamp on a piece of land. I want more people to fall in love with taking care of the land and nature and doing it in a way that expresses their own aesthetic and creative style.

So I give you Cultivating Garden Style (October 2014, Timber Press) - a guide to designing a garden or outdoor place that perfectly suits you and your unique style. It is twenty-three chapters, each discussing a unique modern garden style and how to recreate the look. There are in-depth discussions of a broad range of practical design considerations (from how to pick the right tree and how to stylishly combine plants and containers to creating optical illusions for problem solving to the basics of permaculture) and essential lessons in gardening and design for anyone who is interested in garden making.

I also killed myself over creating a bunch of step-by-step projects (a macramé plant hanger, interesting planters, outdoor light fixtures and other decorative outdoor details) - I am pretty sure I will never do this in a book again (so get it while you can). But I think some of the best bits are the pages about things like working with railroad ties, outdoor fabric, decking, masonry and more.

Somehow I managed to assemble more than 1,500 color photographs so there is no shortage of inspiration for everyone. I like to think I have at least one photo in there that will inspire anyone who picks it up - no matter what your style.

I really hope you find it as inspiring and useful as I do.


Cultivating Garden Style is currently available in English and Dutch.

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Cultivating garden style by rochelle greayer