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  • Welcome to PITH + VIGOR's Issue #1 (Autumn 2014)

  • Our next issue will arrive in February 2015.

  • Issue # 1 featured stories about foraged flower arranging...

  • ...we met gardeners at Fenway Victory Gardens in Boston...

  • ...and we mixed and matched fall blooming bulbs (Click to see bonus matches).

  • Ken Marten taught us how to make artistic terrariums.

  • A mushroom garden full of culinary delights was planned.

  • Lots of small businesses were introduced.

  • "We Grow Them to Show Them" - The seeds of 2015's biggest pumpkins were planted.

  • Inspiring container designs and events calendars kept us up-to-date.

  • Current trends were candidly discussed.

  • Tea leaves are loaded with chemicals - we figured out how to plant and grow our own.

  • Have you thought about keeping bees? Amanda shared her amusing foray into becoming and apiarist.

  • Matt Mattus gave us a tour of his garden and...

  • ...unique botanical collection.

  • And we wrapped it up with ideas for recycling the paper and a challenging horticultural crossword.

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Welcome to PITH + VIGOR

Warmest wishes

As I type, this site is still very much a work in progress and I am looking forward to updating this post and these words to declare it ready to go. But for now, understand that things are changing constantly and new bits and pieces are being sorted out regularly.

Issue #1 is in the mail to all subscribers and you should see it in your mailbox very soon. We are so excited to hear what you think.

Additionally, you may have seen the news over on Studio ‘g’ that this site will soon become the single site for both PITH + VIGOR and the blog (formerly known as Studio ‘g’) – I am trying desperately to come up with some clever Prince-ly pun on that but I appear – at the moment – to be tapped out.  This change has caused alot of greif on the back end, but we are working hard to put everything in place, and will set up a permanent re-direct (from www.studiogblog.com to www.pithandvigor.com) just as soon as everything is ready.

All of this should be ready for the New Year when regular posting will resume.

Happy Holidays!

The P+V team

image by @lilylalaloulou

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