Pretty Evil Poison Ivy Berries

poison ivy berry

I am hoping with all my heart that relatively swift action will spare me from the worst poison ivy rash ever.  I learned today that there is a second line to the whole ‘leaves of three let it be’  thing.  It goes like this…‘berries of white, take flight’.   Who knew? Not me, until after I gleefully picked a whole bucket full of these beauties.  I even handed handfuls to my small son to put in the bucket for me.   I’ve technu’d and washed and I’m hoping for the best.   All in the name of the Thanksgiving Floral Event on Wednesday!

Did I mention the pretty dress (that doesn’t cover blistered hands) that I plan to wear for my best friends wedding this weekend?…these things never happen at a good time.  - rochelle


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3 Responses to Pretty Evil Poison Ivy Berries

  1. Hi Rochelle, I wonder if I can get your permission to use your photo (credited) of those poison ivy berries in a presentation I’m doing on winter botany for master naturalists in my area. It’s the best photo I’ve seen. Sure hope you healed up quickly!

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