RE-Thinking Container Gardens

mini home garden

You know, most people think of something else when we talk about container gardening.  Made from living plants this creation by John Millman is an extraordinary work of craftsmanship and design.  I think every garden needs one! (especially mine)

Plant List:

moss from the side of a building



weeping rosemary

creeping thyme

a bonsai tree

dwarf mondo grass

kingsville boxwood

Combine creatively with black fine sand, rocks, little bamboo sticks, tiny pots, and a (hypertufa?) house.

found via fancy schmancy

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7 Responses to RE-Thinking Container Gardens

  1. Amazing! Ok, maybe this is the year that I tell the kids to get me supplies to make one of those. I drooled over all the little pieces and parts at a garden store in Geneva, IL last year. And now I’m drooling again.

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