The Latin Series: C is for Coccinea

First we had Caerulea now we have Coccinea — Where caerulea = blue;  coccinea = red.

As with the ‘blue’ — the ‘red’ can be anywhere; it can be a tinge on a leaf tip, or it can be the whole darn flower and anything in between.

pyracantha coccinea hedge

In this case (which I love) Pyracantha coccinea (clearly referring to the bright red and inpressive berries) is trained into a hedge.

Do you have a favorite ‘coccinea’ plant?   I have a bunch in this pinterest folder to give you some ideas!

kennedia coccinea

Kennedia coccinea (above) is new to me — but in writing this, I discovered that this Australian native used to be available through San Marcos Growers but I can’t find a current stockist (anyone grow this from seed or know of a place to buy?) Isn’t this tricolored flower (on a climber) so pretty?

image from google earth by thorodin and australian plants

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2 Responses to The Latin Series: C is for Coccinea

  1. My favorite is the Ixora Coccinea. Not only that it has the red color but it could also be white, pink or yellow, great combinations! I grow the Ixora Nora Grant as ornament for my patio then the Super King for the garden. Does your coccinea plants have dwarf versions as well?

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