PITH + VIGOR Issue # 3 – Summer 2015



  • People Who Plant: Immigrant Gardeners – Building Bridges Towards Inclusion
  • Waste Not, Want – Garden Betty Linda Ly Shares Recipes for Using All Your Garden Bounty
  • Planting Ideas: Clematis, Queen of the Climbers by Joanne Neale
  • Modern Masters: Kerry Michaels – Landscape Photographer – Seeing Color in Black and White
  • Project Files: Driveway Drama
  • Making Music To Save Seeds – An Interview with Music+Art+Seeds Founders Patine Vazquez and Daniel Balter
  • PITT Moss – A Peat Moss Alternative
  • The Tao of Terrior – Expert Vioces of the Soils by Bernadette Giblin
  • Plant Finder: Saw it here? Buy it there.
  • Container Recipe: Stately Natural Rouge
  • Calendar: What’s on?
  • Growing Wasabi – A Garden Nerd’s Challenge
  • The Butterflies and the Bees – Illustrated by Paige Mulhern
  • Throw Open the Gates – By Steve Bustin
  • This and That:  Rosy Relief, Equisetum, and Topiary Tape
  • Garden Tour: On the Rocks
  • Crossword: Vegetable “Grow-ners”


A quarterly newspaper for garden lovers.  Full color, printed on  11 x 17 newspaper.  Price includes shipping.

If you are outside of the USA, please calculate shipping with the shipping calculator on the next page. 


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