Cicada Summer Coming

I’ve got a little theme going today.  It’s about Cicada’s and all things related….

cicada songs read an interesting article on the NPR website over the weekend about how the Cicadas are coming to the East Coast this summer.  Scientists are looking to crowdsource information about their emergence and you can help by building your own cicada sensor.

Cicada emergence is an occurrence that only happens every 17 years and it has already happened once since I live here in MA (which is only 8 years) so I was surprised to hear of this event coming this summer.  But as it turns out the cicadas won’t be out in MA in full force…it is all going down a bit south of here (more in NY, NJ areas).

You can check when the cicadas will next come out where you live at Cicada Mania.

Have you experienced a full cicada emergence?  A few years back I was in Kentucky for a project when they were out there….it was extraordinary.  The trees were blanketed with the creatures and the noise was absolutely mind numbing in both a bad and a good way — if you know what I mean.

I also stumbled across this free album called Cicada songs….I am really digging the track called Glorieta …. It is worth a listen if you are the type (like me) who is always looking for something new and interesting to listen to.

image from cicada songs

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