Just a Note — & Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s Nasturtiums

I am flat out with getting Issue #2 of Leaf Magazine out the door.  We are hoping to have it all done and ready for your viewing pleasure on Monday.   I have so much to write about but I keep running out of hours in the day and I expect that to continue through the weekend.  I am doing my best – but I don’t think that regularly scheduled programming will return until this publication is all done.

isabella stewart gardner museum nasturtiums

In the meantime, I heard a story today on the radio that I want to quickly mention — There is a lead in the 20+ year old unsolved mystery of the biggest art heist (ever?) in Boston.  The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (my favorite!)  had 13 (I think) paintings stolen and the case has been cold for 20+ years until today, when suddenly, now, a new lead has developed — related to some mafia guy in Connecticut!  Fingers crossed for getting those paintings back (btw, they are valued at 500 million – yes half a billion dollars).  Go FBI!

isabella stewart gardner museum nasturtiums

Anyway — that lead me to remembering to tell you about the Gardner’s annual nasturtium display that is on right now.  It is an extraordinary thing — a feet (pun intended) of horticultural prowess.   Nasturtiums are grown to great lengths so that at the height of their bloom they can be carefully installed in the beautiful courtyard of the museum so that they can dangle in all their glory.  It’s a must see.

isabella stewart gardner museum nasturtiums

images from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum fb page.



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2 Responses to Just a Note — & Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s Nasturtiums

  1. This is my fave museum….lived right nearby in college…but didn’t know about the annual Nasturtiums…gorgeous!! But I DO know about the greatest heist of all! That is SO fantastic they have a lead on that. Such an impact to see the framed empty spaces at the museum of those incredible works of art stolen. I”ll never forget hearing about it…and what a day that would be if they got all the paintings back. Look forward to hearing more. Happy Spring!

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