Mayan Steam Punk and The Three Rivers Masquerade Ball

Next weekend I am participating in an event that I am really looking forward to.  I am a model for the Three Rivers Arts Masquerade Ball which means that I am going to be donning the designs of two different artists.  I’ve never done anything like this and I am honored to be able to help other designers and visionaries bring their projects to life.

The night promises to “turn the Mayan (end of the world) B’ak’tun on its head and to launch a new era of arts and culture in the region”.   The fashion show will feature creations that capture mayan and steampunk styling and looking around the room at the dress rehearsal, it will be quite interesting and fun.

Just to give you a sneak at what I am going to be wearing….one of the outfits looks alot like this….
steampunk designer outfit

My first costume however is still a bit of mystery to me.  All I was able to try on was the underslip, but serendipitously, the designer is actually a local landscape designer named Lisa Wieser.  She is planning a Mayan earth goddess themed design with vines going up my legs, excessive amounts of calla lilies and there was some mumbling of gomphrena and other flowers.   I can’t wait to see it and I feel like there could be no better match…and I love that I am helping a landscape designer to leap into something beyond our realm!

Here is a local newspaper article with More about the Event.

So, all this steampunk inspiration reminded me of this curling walkway that I saw some time ago — it was designed by Architect Thomas Heatherwick.

steampunk bridge

steampunk bridge

The brief called for a bridge for pedestrians but which would also give way for boats – don’t you think this is a great example of Steam punk inspired exterior design?

images from visi, bridge Photo: Steve Heller.
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