The Barn Makeover Part One

I’m going to share these horrible pictures with you (and then as soon as I hit publish I will have quickly get another couple posts live so that these wretched things get pushed down the site so we don’t have to look at them for too long).

They are of the inside of my barn — before I started working on it to prepare it for the first ever Studio ‘g’ event that will take place next week.
studio g barn

As all good procrastinators know — sometimes you need to tell a whole bunch of people that you are going to do something in order to get yourself going to get that thing done.  Well this, precisely, is the case here….I needed to have this event planned before I would/could actually get our barn whipped into shape.  We spent all weekend on it and I have some extensive work remaining….but trust me, you are going to be so amazed by the transformation.

Studio g barn before makeover
I am thrilled because not only is excitement building in my barn (with each piece of junk that goes away) but also — you all seem to be excited too — about joining in the fun.  Since we announced the events late last week, we have nearly sold out session #1 (there are only 2 spots remaining so get your ticket if you want to come!) and Session #2 is half gone too!   Do you want to come see the live reveal of the made over barn?  Get your tickets!

For now, I’m headed back out in the cold to keep working.

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