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Remember last week when it dawned on me that asking you guys for help might be a good thing. (BTW, thank you for the photographer  and lighting recommendations and the printer is still available.

I have a doozy of an ask for you today.  Week before last the Leaf team  (Susan, Lynn, Marti and I – unfortunately John and Roanne couldn’t join us) met down in Connecticut for a day to plan our 2013 Editorial calendar.  We have lots of exciting things in store, but as we talked we all started to agree that the time that we had been thinking will come someday…is actually here, now.

When we started Leaf, we thought…someday we will have more than 100K readers (we now have over a million).  We thought that someday we will legitimately have created something of value….nearly 2 years later and heading into our 3rd year…. we are in the black and we have some big time advertisers and supporters, and we were recently shocked to hear that some of our greatest inspirations and admired outlets in the media world now see us as competitors.   We are still getting used to it, but the bottom line is that we have arrived in a place where we are confident that Leaf has a purpose, a place in the market, a seat at the proverbial table, and staying power.   That is what we set out to achieve….So now what?

We are setting new goals and higher expectations and in order to achieve them we need help.   We need help in navigating the media world, business development,  managing growth, publishing, technology and investment.   We have come a long way on our wits but the success of Leaf thus far proves that this a thing that deserves more.

What can you do?

Can you help us find the right people?  We are looking for investors, partners, media moguls and technology masterminds that can help take Leaf to the next level.   Maybe you can introduce us…maybe you are that….either way…please get in touch if you think you can help.

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