Sustainable Garden Definition

sustainable garden definition from www.pithandvigor.comI was reading Steve Martino’s blog this morning and he was discussing his definition of sustainabiliy — it is quite simple.  He said: “when the power or water is shut off your garden should not die.”  

I liked the ease and obvious simplicity of this guidance so much I made it into a graphic – you are welcome to share it, copy it or do with it whatever you want (as always just make sure you credit).  – rochelle

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Daily Garden 055: By Day & By night

I love this pair of shots of the same garden by day and by night. It is so hard to find a night garden shot that isn’t from some light fixture catalog….all weirdly lit and only about the fixtures. This shot captures the fun party atmosphere that I am sure would prevail in this garden…

Blogs I Like: March 2011

Flowerona was created by florist Rona in Surrey, England with the sole purpose of celebrating all things flowers.  It’s an interesting read and it’s full of beautiful images. Haute Nature is a catalog of  smart creative reuse ideas, art, design and cutting edge eco inventions. The focus at HauteNature is on innovative methods of harnessing…

Garden Gallery: Higashimokoto Flower Park in Hokkaido, Japan

Garden Gallery: Higashimokoto Flower Park in Hokkaido, Japan

Are your phlox blooming yet?  In new England we are not quite there yet….but in Japan, well that is a different story. This is Higashimokoto Flower Park in Hokkaido, Japan and this is what it looks like from mid May-mid June.  I came across it today as I was looking for more information about moss…