Weekend Things

squash and melon harvest by rochelle greayer at www.pithandvigor.com

We had fun this week making final harvests.   (is your garden still producing…ours is really winding down fast!).

Our little lawn tractor trailer is full of every kind of melon, squash and pumpkin you can imagine (and there was more than just this!).   If I have some extra time this weekend I am going to try (for the first time) to plant a winter garden.  Some kale, beets, leeks and lettuce.  I am curious how late I can harvest things here.   Have you planted a winter garden?  I am curious if there are any tips and tricks you might advise.

Here are a few things to enjoy over the weekend.

I did a fun post about making indoor gardens over at Apartment Therapy this week – you might want to check that out too.




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