Weekend Things

Pike's Peak From the Garden of the Gods, ca. 1880

Happy Weekend Friends!   These links (and what they contain on the other side) have been inspiring me or on my mind all week.   I am curious if they will infect you in the same way…..

Enjoy the the next couple days! — R

image of George Eastman House in The Garden of the Gods – Pikes Peak in the background – (my parents have been visiting all week — it makes me think of this place)  from flickr under creative commons.


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Organic Gardening Magazine Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Organic Gardening Magazine Subscription is @Debbi Easly.  Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!     Related

Shamelessly Copying Hardraker & Pope

I am taking this blogging class for the next month that started Monday. Introductions are overwhelming as everyone has a a lovely blog and I just don’t have time in the day for exploring all of them. Though I will get to it all in time…. Anyway one of the first sites that I discovered…

Wee Planets: A New way to Look at a Landscape.

I am utterly fascinated with the Wee planets series of images that computer scientist gadl created on flickr.   Beautiful right? What are you looking at?  It is called a Stereographic projection made from a 360° panorama built from 46 (more or less) pictures.   This one was created from images taken at La butte aux canons…