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Welcome to PITH + VIGOR. I've rounded up some of the best posts that will help you get started with everything you can find on this site.


Garden Design 101

How to Use Mirrors in the Garden to Improve Your Design

Garden Design Basics: Play With Scale

How to Be Your Own Garden Designer: Think Like a Curator

Garden Design Basics: Using Shapes to Inspire Your Design

From 'Nice' To 'Wow' - How to Make A Garden Look Amazing

Plants + Planting

How to Grow Huge Hydrangeas

From Lawn to Meadow in 5 Easy Steps

Exciting Plant Pairings for Autumn Blooming Bulbs Part 1 & Part 2

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (and didn't) About Moss

How to save Time and Money with Gorgeous Groundcovers

Cool Container Gardens

An Emotional Container Garden Origin Story (Recipe included)

Salvaging the Un-dead: An Autumn Planter

HELP WANTED! - Perfect Planters

Fall Container Planting Recipe: Autumnal Marsala

Autumn Container Garden: Feathery Fall Fireworks

Garden Tools You Need

Mud Season Garden Fashion

Spring Home and Garden Essentials - Wabi Sabi Style

IMHO: The Best Raised Beds

DIY Copper Flashing Slug Control

All About Gabions: Cheap Retaining and Other Garden Features

Indoor Gardens

Ken Marten - How to Fashion Fantastical Terrariums from Found Objects

A Bogolan Inspired Planting Recipe for a Houseplant Garden

Make a Countertop Kitchen Bonsai Herb Garden

How To: Growing Yuzu and Other Citrus in the North

Gardening with Kids

Making Snow Drop Terrariums

Backyard Biology - How To Design a Garden to be a Kid's Science Lab

The Language of Spring in A Garden Inspired Easter Tree

DIY: How To Make A Hobbit House in Your Garden

Building Your Garden

How to Plant a Tree - The 7 things Everyone Forgets

Decked Out: What Materials are Right for Your Deck Project

The Little Green Book of Seed Suppliers

How To Make A Living Willow Arbor (It's Cheap!)

Garden Travel

What is Genus Loci and Why Should You Care?

Where to Discover the Unique Joy of Heirloom and Regional Apples (across the USA)

A Fearless Garden of Defiance In Barcelona, Spain

An Insider Tour of a Spectacular Garden in Florence, Italy

WWOOFing on the Lost Coast

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