Have you had pineberries?  The are funky albino versions of strawberries that apparently taste like they have been crossed with pineapple (doesn’t that sound like a great smoothie ingredient?)  Last year they made their debut in NYC specialty markets and this year they are moving beyond.  You can get pineberry plants info, including where to get seedlings and seeds, here.  I’m thinking to give them a try myself.

I’ve been feverishly working on my book — and Leaf (there is really so much going on!) The next issue of leaf is coming out week after next.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss it — sign up here for a free email subscription.

I’ve been all over the virtual map with all my projects…here are some of the highlights of my recent travels:

And lastly — I can’t decide what I think of this product — I kinda love it and I kinda don’t — do you think it might be an ugly ducking that turns into a swan? 

image telegraph

3 Responses to Pineberries & Weekend Things

  1. I always have trouble with a new ‘product’ that doesn’t look the way it ‘should’. Especially food. The pineberry looks like a sick strawberry. WE eat with our eyes first. I supposed I could be tricked first and then decide I liked pineberriesl

  2. I agree — they do look a little unnatural….but I am telling myself that it is only because I am not used to it….I happily each leechee (which is also a white fruit) — so while I am totally with you on the sick strawberry thing…I love strawberry and pineapple together… I’m game.

  3. Cool berries! But the Earthlock system is what fascinates me. If done well, it could definitely be beautiful, but has the potential to look exceptionally trashy.

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