I am ready for the weekend….and then I am not….this is going to be one of those really, really, really long-feeling weekends, because next week is February school vacation and we really don’t have big plans.  Unless you count a massive spring cleaning with the help of 2 kids big plans.   We are prepping for puppy-days ahead and for the next 10 days I have a captive audience of puppy-desperate helpers to leverage for some hard-core cleaning and organizing …. I think I am going through a similar pre-puppy nesting instinct that I experienced prior to the birth of both my children.

All the work aside….I dream of whiling my days amongst pretty books and flowers (above) from An Apple A Day.

Here are a few more links to carry you through the next couple days:

Print collection Calceolaria  slipper flower collection

image of Calceolaria-Slipper Flower varieties from Print Collection.

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