I’ve had a lot of new and exciting things going on this week.  I’ve been working on a trailer for my book.  Reverse engineering shots that I like and trying to find just the right outfits and props and all of it has been new and fun.  (I might have to do more of this so I can get better at it).  Among the endless book trailer videos that I have watched this week, this one for BJ Novak’s new book stood out.  My book trailer will be nothing like this — but I am so hopeful it will turn out just a charming.   I’m off for more filming today and through the weekend.  What are you up to?  Here are some other fun things that crossed my path this week.

And one last thing – Studio ‘g’ was name one of the Top 5 Garden Blogs according to Better Homes and Gardens.  There is a voting thing to name a winner.  We’d love it if you could support us (by voting regularly) for a reader’s choice award. 

– Rochelle

5 Responses to Weekend Things

  1. Hey Rochelle,
    If you ever are up at Dartmouth Collge, there is a fantastic coffee house across from the commons. I cannot remember the name but the cup of joe will leave you buzzing for hours.

  2. First, you should smoke. Second, of course, speak French. Third, have credits. I can’t wait to see your book trailer ( honestly, I never even heard of a book trailer until you mentioned it!). I hate doing video, but I’m sure that you will have more charm and grace in front of the camera than I do! Congrats on your Better Homes and Gardens nomination! I’m gonna go vote for you now! Well deserved.

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