planting celery

Ok – I have have to admit, I have hit a wall.  Have you had those times?  Where suddenly, you are just tired, out of ideas, uninspired, and not sure where to go next?   I have been having that all week.  I do suppose that there are other mitigating factors to this case of burnout, (like too much travel lately (I did not think that possible), a lot of work, kids vacation week, and generally feeling emotionally kind of spent)….but I am desperately searching for my mojo.

When I get like this, I think the best thing (for me) is try and power through.  I am a big subscriber to the ‘fake it til you make it’ mentality mixed with the idea of putting on a smile on your face even though you might want to frown — it does help to make things a little easier.  I have spent a couple hours on pinterest this afternoon, just trying to get my juices flowing…and now I am going to try and write a handful of posts (wish me luck!).   What do you do to snap out of the doldrums, creative stagnation, and general listlessness?

And that picture up top, I found it on pinterest, it comes from the Burlap Bag….it’s the first thing that caught my eye….have you ever planted the base of your celery?   I’m going to try it….I have got to mix things up.

image from The Burlap Bag.

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