Dear Deer

I am really into sticks and twigs this time of year.  Any way that I can use them to dress up and cozy up the inside the better.   I saw this great idea for using twigs at a German site called Das-Rote-Paket.  Do you think if I used Corkscrew Hazel (Corylus avellana “Contorta”)  branches it would look like a gazelle?

twig antlers

Corkscrew Hazel (Corylus avellana “Contorta”)

Flicker image.  peikonpahkin- Corkscrew Hazel (corylus avellane “contorta”)

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2 Responses to Dear Deer

  1. HI Rochelle,
    thanks for your nice entry. Corkscrew hazel – what a good idea…
    My favourite is the wall hanging plus a branch of beautiful Forsythien. Oh dear, winter has just begun in Germany and I am already dreaming of spring…

    Have a nice day.

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