Tiny gardens

Gardens don’t have to be big and they don’t have to be outdoors, to prove the point, I have found a couple of interesting new products that I would classify in the ultra- tiny category.

The matchstick garden is a super cute gift idea…or perhaps a takeaway for a green hotel or garden spa property. It is totally customizable and can be printed with your own artwork and message. Each tear off strip is embedded with seeds and can be poked in to dirt and watered to create mini garden.
Matchstick garden

I found these over at Inhabitat:

JVC recently unveiled a beautiful line of bonsai-laden Kirikabu speakers at this year’s Tokyo Designer’s Week. Created out of eco-friendly plastic, the conceptual series of speakers can be assembled into different shapes, and each contains a small compartment perfect for planting a tiny bonsai tree

JVC Bonsai garden speakers

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