Wood Stack Art

It’s the season to prepare for winter and here in New England, wood stacking can be an art.
I am so inspired by Alastair Heseltine’s Fallen tree:
Alastair Hesletine Fallen Tree Wood Stack

Here is a great wood stacking tool available through Poaa.com
Woodstock wood stacking tool
I love that it can be loaded up, brought inside, and it will still look great.

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9 Responses to Wood Stack Art

  1. That is the most amazing woodpile. Such a creative idea. Makes me wish my fireplace hadn’t been modernized to gas (of course, I wish that anyway.)

  2. I absolutly love that tree, I don’t think I ever would have the patience to build that, but love the creativity. I would have a hard time taking it apart to burn through the winter months.

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