DIY Succulent Wall Garden

Flora Grubb and Saul Nadler’s succulent walls are part of one of the most exciting new trends in garden design.  That trend being vertical gardening. Well, getting one of your own  just got a little easier.

vertical garden flora grubb gardens

You can now buy the trays used to create this garden so that you can assemble your own regionally appropriate succulent wall garden just like this one.  Contact Flora Grubb Gardens to get yours.

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5 Responses to DIY Succulent Wall Garden

  1. I show this marvelous idea in my new book, Succulent Container Gardens—same photo, in fact. Flora says the planted grids of succulents remind her of the way the terrain looks from an airplane.

  2. I’m seeing more and more of this, especially in Baltimore and DC, it’s really cool and I think it’s going to just keep getting more popular. If I lived in the city, I’d definitely do it.

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