Garden Art: Dina Weiss’s Picket Fence

I’m hard to please when it comes to garden art.  Though not an art critic (I wouldn’t even begin to pretend I know enough about art to think I could reasonably critique) – I have strong opinions.

Art should feel imaginative and expressive.  I’m pretty sure it can’t be bought on a website…because to be right, I think it needs to be more personal than achievable through a retail outlet.  To me, the best garden art isn’t trying too hard, it makes me think, and it always surprising enough to make me smile.

Dina Weiss’s city-scape picket fence works perfectly for me….for sentimental reasons, I want one with a Denver skyline (sans mountains — because don’t you think that would teeter off the cheesy end of the art scale?).

I’m curious, what sort of rules do you follow when judging garden art? 

image from dina weiss

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