Garden Beanbag Slabs

My friend who lives in London — though she is not a Brit – just posted on facebook about how much she is enjoying her garden bean bag slab.  She is cool as a a cucumber and not the type to tout a product just for the sake of it- so it must be good.  Very promising, I have to say….it comes in an impressive 21 different colors and 5 sizes.  The XXL big slab is really big coming in at what looks like somewhere around double bed size.  The small is still quite sizable as it looks to be a comfortable option for around pools, as garden furniture, bench cushions or floor pillows. Sploosh Waterproof Outdoor Beanbag Furniture is made to withstand the most vigorous domestic, commercial & public environments including: Hospitals, Children’s Day Nurseries, Kids Playgroups & Schools.
small outdoor beanbag slab garden furniture seating cushions

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