Hello From Southern California….

Dry gardens los angeles path xeriscape garden

I think I forgot to mention yesterday, that I am Southern California on vacation – though I am still blogging between trips to the pool, walks on the beach, trips to Disneyland (tomorrow) and whatever else we end up doing.  My in-laws (where we are staying) live in Palos Verdes, which I have to say, is a really nice place.  They have lovely views and this peninsula is so naturally pretty, I always somehow forget how nice it is between visits.

dry gardens pool garden pacific palisades california

Obviously, everything looks different here (Rochelle, you are not in New England anymore) – and I find it so inspiring to see all the different plants and trees, the lovely (overly?) manicured gardens that surround every house, and the beautiful ocean views.

dry gardens california garden

I think I am going to probably go on about all things Southern Californian until I leave. (Bear with me).  I thought I would share with you (over the next few days) the portfolios of some super talented southern Californian designers and design teams.

dry gardens fountian fire california

All of these lovely gardens were designed by Dry Design under the principals Sasha Tarnopolsky and John Jennings.   I love them because they are so appropriate to the desert — I have to admit the abundance of green lawns is a little much.

dry gardens los angeles garden pool xeriscape garden

I have some more to share with you tomorrow….but in the mean time, click on over to Dry Design, they have such an inspiring portfolio beyong just these images, and well worth the visit.

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3 Responses to Hello From Southern California….

  1. Check out the Getty and Hunington Library if you can. Very nice. And I’ll be interested to hear about Disney color plantings…have they cut back on annual color???

  2. Not overly-manicured. If you look at nature’s desert-scaping of the sonoran desert, you will note the same distancing of plants. Water is sparse here, and mimicking nature’s survival strategies make for more successful water-wise gardens.

    When you’ve been here a while, your aesthetic eye becomes used to that spare look.

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