McKinnon and Harris Furniture

As outdoor furniture makers go, sometimes it is a sea of sameness, which is why I love McKinnon and Harris.  Their stuff is simply more beautiful and interesting than the rest.  I don’t know any other place to get such a beautiful Tennis Chair. I mean really.  I don’t play tennis, but want the chair just because it is so lovely.

McKinnon and Harris Tennis Chair

 McKinnon and Harris garden bench

McKinnon and Harris Chairs

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2 Responses to McKinnon and Harris Furniture

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE McKinnon & Harris!

    I first saw their line of furniture in Atlanta at Logan Gardens. I could not believe how well built it was and how elegant it looked. It’s easily the best outdoor furniture I’ve ever seen.

    Have you ever speced any of this on a project Rochelle? Ever check the pricing? It’s unbelievably expensive. The bench you show is probably 4-5K.

    You’ve got good taste!

    Chris Heiler
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  2. I have used their furniture for a client. McKinnon & Harris is up there with my love affair with Janus et cie…very pricey but incredible value if you want craftsmanship and longevity. These will become garden heirlooms.

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