Tivoli Outdoor Lighting

I found them!….the pictures of the unique landscape lights at Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen. The posting the other day about the ‘lotus lights’ reminded me of these. Real thought was put into each one to make sure that not only are they sculptural and purposeful as garden planters during the day, but at night the effect that they create is somewhat unexpected. Tivoli Gardens Planter lights, Copenhagen Denmark
Please forgive the terrible night photography, but you get the idea.
Night view of tivoli gardens planter lights.
At night, the structure faded into the darkness and all you saw where the little round globes — each only a few inches in diameter.
Tivoli gardens Sculpiture lights
This venue, in the heart of the city of Copenhagen, is a ‘not to be missed’ attraction. It is filled with restaurants and night life and a pleasant mix of rides and attractions. I found the ambiance of the gardens and the fact that it was much more of a social gathering place than any current American theme park that I have been to, refreshing and truly enjoyable.

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3 Responses to Tivoli Outdoor Lighting

  1. I really like the landscape lights at Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen. My immediate thought was to modify (slightly), use rustic timbers, and place them on a hillside next to my driveway. It woudl cause the timbers, or “legs”, as well as the hanging pots, to be necessarily different lengths that could mimic the slope of the hill. I think it would look great, complete with plants and lights.

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