Planning for Summer Serenity

Unlike last summer where I sweated out writing a book, this summer I intend to enjoy my garden and coddle myself.  I’m feeling deserving and like I’ve earned the right to try and make up for last year’s lost moments.

Our family likes to spend quiet moments in the hammock that stretches between two oak trees in the shady back area of our property.  Inspired by this picture of a similarly quiet area at La Bastide de Marie in France,  I am interested to take the hammock area to a new level.  A serene white garden where I can extend the long day into a casual evening are what I am craving and am gathering the pieces to make it happen.

La bastide de Marie

I bought and hung a new hammock  (the old was falling apart) as well as a few packs of bulbs that I am planting.  The taro root bulbs and the Star Gladiolus will take center stage in containers and provide for that lush green but with elegant white flowers back drop.  (I am starting them now so that they get a jump on the season indoors).  A cast iron plant stand that will be put to use in the winter months as an actual plant stand makes for a perfect outdoor side table in the summer. Add in edison bulb string lights and a few Boston ferns and I pretty sure little else is needed in the setting. cultivating summer serenity

Now all I need is a great new summer drink recipe…..suggestions?


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lowes.  This is a series that I am doing through the end of the year.   I am not an employee of Lowes and all opinions are my own.  See the other posts in this series. 


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