Editor’s Letter #6

Dear Readers,
Sometimes new beginnings come in fits and starts. I always wish for a spring that slowly wakes up. The earliest bloomers warm me up for a move into flushes of yellows and pinks and greens that stretch gently into to a colorful early summer climax.
But more often than not, a late snow storm arrives. Daffodils get flattened, and emerging plants zapped. The blooms of late summer fruit are wrecked and whole season of hydrangeas (or rhododendrons, or something) are lost.
This spring issue has been more the later than the former. It has been coming together piece by piece for months. Stories were written and edited and we even, sort of, started to do print layouts. But then the decision came. Even though it was my decision, I’d waffled over it and all the potential options for nearly ten months. But then I suddenly knew the right answer. I announced to paid subscribers earlier this year that all future issues of P+V will be digital only. This change in course was the proverbial April blizzard that sent everything backwards.
The decision brings along with it the need for lots of changes, mostly to this website.  That work isn’t done and frankly I don’t know that it ever will be. I am beginning to see websites like gardens, never done, and always improving and in progress.  I’ve decided to let go of the idea of hiring someone to "just do it already" and "get it done!". The notion of that doesn’t make sense to me.

Despite the upheaval, I’ve still got spring fever and I can’t wait to share these stories. The theme of "Assembly" brought in some inspiring and fresh writers and ideas – perfect for the season.

As for the site, when some new element is ready, I’ll roll it out. It will continue to evolve and come together piece by piece – Assembly style.

The plan is for new stories to go live here (digitally) every few days. The new website will also continue to take shape over the weeks and maybe even months (as I said – never done).

Here is the Table of Contents (not in any order) – Titles will link to each story as it is posted.

It is lots of change and growth, but tis the season – happy spring.



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