The Homie Awards – Who should have won…

As a regular reader of many other blogs, I love that Apartment Therapy created an award that helps other bloggers to get some recognition for their hard work and dedication.  The winners were announced this morning….and I am quite surprised by some of the results.  All the nominees are great sites so you should visit them all, but I wanted to share my personal voting list and an encourage you to go and visit those sites that didn’t win, but I think should have.

In the kids design section…I am shocked that minor details didn’t win…I have personally spent hours in the archives here and love the simple clean layout and plethora of interesting ideas little stories. Check it out.


Minor Details

And in the Kitchen section I want to give a little link love to Smitten Kitchen and Lottie and Doof  – They both have such great photography and clever recipes.  I had a little trouble with the AT site during the voting (technical glitch that wouldn’t let me log in to comment for a few days) so was unable to officially add my nomination – which was for Chocolate and Zuchinni….I love getting all french-ified while searching for recipes.  Visit them all if you need some great food ideas.

homies food nomination

In the Green Design Category, I have to admit, I am a regular at Inhabitat…which didn’t win, though almost.  But my new favorite is Haute Nature – and if you go there right now, you will find the best run down of great spots in Denver (my hometown) that exists anywhere.

Haute Nature

And finally…while every blog that was on the ballot for Home Design is really really great…without exception.  Decor8 is my all time favorite…not so much for the eye candy and the ideas, but because I find an inspirational voice there that inspires me to grow Studio ‘g’ and make it bigger and better for myself and all of you.


And just a few words to the organizers….maybe the Home Tech category isn’t such a great idea?…I mean really, it got about 20 votes and every other category got easily 10 times that….maybe a garden or outdoor living category would be a nice addition next year – I bet it would garner far more interest.  These are awards about home design right? most people have some sort of outside space, or at least crave it if they don’t.   If we all aimed to cultivate our land a little bit more, either on our own plots or in public spots, and take the time to enjoy the fruits of our labors, we would not only be a much healthier, happier society but would have a collective better understanding of why we are in need of making some radical changes to improve the health of our environment and ourselves.  I am stepping off my soap box now….
Studio ‘g’ would fit into a category like this along with so many other great sites.  Am I off base here or do you agree?  If you agree, head on over to Apartment Therapy and post a comment saying so and see if we can get some better attention for outdoor design.

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  1. Anonymous on January 7, 2009 at 10:23 am

    I like your blog.
    But I didn’t see the winners formally announced yet
    Maybe I missed it?
    Direct link?

  2. rochelle on January 7, 2009 at 11:43 am

    The voting ended last night at 8pm…here is the link to the home design results….the rest are linkable from there.. (each are on their individual websites, i.e. ohdeedoh, kitchn, unplugged, re-nest. etc.

  3. anonymous on January 7, 2009 at 11:56 am

    OH okay i knew the results were there but they stilll haven’t “announced the winners in a congratulatory post ” like they said they would.
    I was looking for that post.
    Keep up the awesome blogging.

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