I came across this video this morning about Rewilding. Have you heard of this term? It is new to me, but 2:55 min later, I am onboard. Yes, I would like to see the animals of the Serengeti back on the hills and lands of New England (or Europe). And no I am not crazy.

I also enjoyed this follow on piece related to a comment on the video. It is about the rewilding of areas of Africa and the successful re-introduction of elephants. Why can’t this be done everywhere? I know it might sound nuts….but think about it and let’s chat it over.

video from the guardian

2 Responses to Beyond Gardening: Rewilding

  1. Thanks for sharing that. Have you read Emma Maris’ book The Rambunctious Garden? She writes about initiatives going on around the world, some of which would qualify as “re-wilding”, but the thesis of her book is how human intervention is going to be necessary, at this point, to sustain these new “wild” landscapes.

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