Care for a little trend spotting first thing on a Monday Morning?  I’m noticing (what I’ll call) ‘deconstructed florals’  all over the place.

Here is an example:
trend - decontructed florals

To me it’s the floral mash-up of vertical gardening, meadow-like and wild landscaping and just plain (wonderful) messiness.

trend - deconstructed florals

Elements of the trend seem include (but are not exclusively):

  • wild and delicate flowers
  • test tubes and other little found vases
  • multiples (of everything)
  • groupings of one kind of plant or flower
  • stuff put on walls (and generally hanging) – usually in single stems – tape and hanging materials add to the design
  • singles
  • dismantling flowers to make new textures
  • leaves and non-flower materials taking center stage
  • and order that comes from arranging lots of containers or stems individually rather than composing flowers together into a single container.

Here are whole bunch of images to show you what I’m talking about.   Have you noticed this trend?

trend - deconstructed florals


trend - deconstructed florals


images from ruffled blogdesign frontbhldndesign sponge .


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