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Fall is whizzing by but I am trying so hard to keep track of it.  That halloween is in less than 2 weeks away is blowing my mind…I just hope that we don’t have a freak early snow again that knocks our power out for a week.  I’m not over the 2011 version of that, so I am grateful it has been mild and the leaves are falling off the trees in their own time.  I like having the opportunity to enjoy it.

I’ve got a lot going on this weekend…celebrating fall and kids; here are a few things on my mind.

  •  I remember making these when I was kid….I think my kids need to make them.
  • My little guy is sick…. I am hopeful that this cure for his sore throat will be tasty (and I love the commercial at the end)
  • Who are your voting for?  (I had a hard time choosing between Dan Pearson’s, Patricia Fox’s and one of John Wyer’s – I like the one with the walkway on top of  the stonewall)
  • We are going cable free (so glad to eliminate telecoms from my life) — loving Air Parrot and Apple TV.
  • I’ve started christmas shopping — and I am buying a few rolls of this for the wrapping.
  • My cobble stone patio is happily starting to resemble this (without the rest of the beautiful stuff).
  • I’ve been entertaining this fantasy about moving abroad again… I want to live in this village.
  • Over on Apartment Therapy this week, I wrote about getting the color red into your fall garden — maybe you might be interested in checking it out?

See you Monday!

xo – R

callicarpa image by rochelle greayer


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  1. Hi Rochelle, I hope your little one is doing better and that he liked the turmeric almond milk. Glad you liked the funny commercial too! Thank you for the link to the recipe. Wishing you well.

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