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Ben Giles art via www.pithandvigor.com

Do you know why I started blogging back in 2008?  It wasn’t to meet kindred souls or to practice writing or to experiment with ideas and personal challenges (as it often is now).  Nah, I saw a blog as a fantastic technology tool to get myself better organized.  I frequently chronicled links to products and services that I wanted to be able to find again (through tags and keywords) so that I didn’t feel like I had to have an office full of the paper clutter (that so many designers are plagued with).

Somewhere along the way I lost track of that – primarily because my office isn’t so full of catalogs anymore. But I have a new kind of clutter.  One that makes my computer slow and drives my just as crazy as paper piles. It is browser tabs.  Right now at this very moment, I have 42 tabs open (fellow tab addicts, we are not alone). I buy extra system memory just to support my tab addiction. It is a real problem.

I try to go and shut things down, but I know that without a record I will never remember that wonderful thing that I found, so I cling to it tightly in the form a tab.  I know that there are countless tools for bookmarking, but I have never found one that has stuck with me.   I am best if I just make a list in my own way and for myself (no matter how randomly disconnected it is).  And I can’t curate it to be interesting to anyone else but me – no offense, but we all know addicts need to take care of themselves first.  This is purely about safely closing tabs  – But I do hope you find some things that you will want to keep track of too. So, in an effort to get this thing under control, I am going back to the blog – right here –  (hey it worked once) for help.

<deep breath>

Hello, My name is Rochelle, I am a tab addict.  I am going to fight this thing – I am going shut them down – but first I am going to list them here so I can find them again, when I need to. Once a week, I will clear my mind, and my browser and shut down all these Open Tabs.  (ahh, I feel better already)

Ben Giles art via www.pithandvigor.com

Here it goes:

Whew…. I’m  down to 17 tabs….that’s progress!….baby steps.  More next weekend.

 images Ben Giles

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  1. sarah on November 17, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    Pinterest to keep track of what used to be tabs or bookmarks.

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